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Look for these in order of ripening:

Vibrant is currently the earliest variety, with good yields of well flavoured fruit.

Honeoye is a dark red fruit which should be picked when it is fully ripe to get the best flavour.

Korona is an old early variety with a dark skin, but with an excellent flavour.

Elsanta is a high quality, popular, sweet variety with a firm skin.

Eros is similar to Elsanta, but not as popular.

Hapil  is a vigorous plant which has large sweet fruit with slightly prominent "pips".

Pegasus is very vigorous and can be relied upon to give heavy crops.  It should not be picked too hard, but given time to ripen fully.

Symphony is another popular, sweet, firm skinned variety that is at its best when properly ripe.

Florence is a late variety which picks until the end of July.  It has a good flavour, but a slightly soft skin.

Sophie is an attractive variety which finishes the season, but its flavour is a bit weak.

Judibell is currently the latest variety, cropping late into August.


The season for English strawberries now extends from mid June until the beginning of August by making use of many different varieties.  Before or after this time fruit must be grown in tunnels; but most fruit continues to be grown in the traditional manner in the ground.


Do not pull the fruit, which can result in the calyx being removed or even the plug.  This reduces the shelf-life of the fruit.  Instead, gripping the fruit behind the calyx, sever the stalk with the fingernails. Take care not to squeeze the fruit since bruising damage will be caused.

Symphony a popular late Strawberry