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A Taste of Transylvania

Food and drink from the heart of Romania

Edited by Maureen Carnell and Illustrated by Tony Redman

"A Taste of Transylvania" describes the wickedly 

good recipes that only those who have visited the 

region will have tried for themselves.   

Fantastic food and wonderful wines are a hallmark 

of the character of this region, which everyone 

has heard about but few really know.

 "Romaniacs" Maureen Carnell and Tony Redman, 

working with the Hospice Casa Sperantei volunteer 

teams in Romania and the UK have collected and 

translated a range of recipes which are both typical 

of the region and wholesome for those seeking to 

extend their repertoire of real food.  Coupled with 

notes on the culinary history and flavours of the area, 

comprehensive notes on Romanian wine, and 

illustrated notes on the main towns, this becomes 

more than a cook book, it is also an introductory guide 

to what to see, eat and drink in the heart of Romania.

Cover Price £7.99 plus £1.50 postage and packing.

Available from Ellenor Romanian Appeal charity shops  and from selected bookstores. 

Alternatively, call 01959 525110

 or email  office@hospiceofhope.co.uk 

All proceeds from this book will go to supporting terminally ill children and adults in Romania.