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The main raspberry season is a little later, and shorter

than that for strawberries; with July being the main

picking period.


A raspberry is ripe when it can be picked easily without

squashing.  Grasp the berry carefully with the thumb and

forefinger, and pull gently.  It should separate from the

plug easily:  if not, then it is not yet ready.


Glen Moy is the earliest variety, which is large and juicy.

Look out for this at the end of June.

Glen Clova and Glen Lyon come next, in early July.

Glen Ample and Glen Prosen, two good flavoured varieties come about a week later.

Glen Magna is the largest of the current varieties and has an excellent flavour.  It is, however, because of its size, slightly soft.

A late variety is Autumn Bliss.  This is an Autumn fruiting variety which although giving a small quantity of fruit in August, does not give its main yield until September.  It has an excellent flavour, but because of its dark colour, it can easily be picked before it is completely ripe, when the flavour is not at its best.

Joan J is a newer Autumn variety, slightly earlier than Autumn Bliss.

Glen Lyon an early raspberry